Pennie in her bed

Pennie in her bed
Is my dinner ready yet


Pennie - my 15 year old dog

Thursday, 8 July 2010


You might have noticed that I whine about my neighbours now and again , but being too soft I tend to feel sorry for them sometimes . I shouldnt really because Im just as poor as them and I dont spend my money on drink,gambling and illegal substances . As a rule I avoid neighbours like the plague as I enjoy my privacy and some peace and quiet .I have to talk to them though to make sure they keep the gate locked,with Pennie being nearly blind and I suspect a bit senile she has started to wander towards Norewood High st . Maybe she thinks Ive gone there , because she goes to my old pitch or some of the charity shops or did do the one time she escaped. I also have a friend who lives up the hill she ran to his place started barking when he come out and she sussed I was not there she ran back home.Meanwhile I had woke all the neighbours up (it was 2am) and sent them off in different directions to look for the dog,. All this took place in a five minute time frame so I think it was a fast response time, but as it turned out I did not need them . Which just goes to show they really are good for ***k ALL.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Prepaid card for Pennies Stroller.

You could not begin to imagine, the effect of not having a bank account is having on my life at the moment . I would like to sell things online to suplament my income ,but its difficult for me to recieve payments, unless I ask people to pay with Postal Orders (uncrossed) and I cant blame people for being wary about sending POs to complete strangers.Ive spent most of my life buying and selling all sorts of things at boot sales and markets, its all I know plus I enjoy it. Because of bad health and lack of transport , I think it would be better for me to start a online second hand shop. Im always picking up or getting given all sorts of things plus I spend most of my spare cash in charity shops. My rooms like a cross between Steptoes Yard/Blockbuster and Waterstones . With me being rehoused sometime in the near future I will be needing what ever money I can earn to fix it up , but thats in the future . Closer to home I am currently trying to raise the money to get Pennie her stroller and a digital camera for me , which I need in order to take pictures of the items I am going to sell . Yesterday I bought a Splash Plastic Prepaid Maestro card for £10 from Smiths in Balham and Im having difficulty regestering it , looks like I will be going to the St Mungoes office in the morning to use their phone to call the help line .My main reason for getting the card is to save for Pennies pushchair, everytime I get £20 I can put it on my card at apay-point . Pennie is not used to being on her own ,most her life she has gone everywhere with me . If I have to leave her with someone for a few hours she wont eat or drink and sits at the door until I return . She is happy to sit in our room on her own for a few hours, she usually gathers all my clothes and bedding and makes a nest for herself .I worry though when I leave her alone her eyesight is failing and she has accidents trying to climb on my bed and then jumping off , only last week she jumped into the TV and got wedged between the TV and the wall . When I take her anywhere I have to carry her beanbag(she wont sit down unless she has it) and other things ,which are a strain on me which is why I cant get out selling mags as often as I should .So the stroller/pushchair will be a great help to both of us . Some people think I spoil her to much saying things to me like "shes only a dog" which I can understand because until I got Pennie I myself couldnt fathom how some people get so attached to their animals . I nearly said pet but she is more than that , she is like a person to me and a very special one at that . With a bit of luck then by the end of this month you should see Pennie relaxing and taking things easy in her stroller. One last word ,if anyone has earned a comfortable old age , its her .

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


STONE ROSES:One Love/Somethings Burning.(SILVERTONE,12".with limeted edition print).
SISTERS OF MERCY;Body and Soul/Body Electric/Train/Afterhours,(WEA,12")
PRIMAL SCREAM;Higher than the Sun(remix)/Higher than the Orb.(CREATION,12")
SUEDE;The Drowners/To The Birds/My Insatiable One,(NUDE,12")
SQUARE PUSHER;Vic Acid(hard and normal mix)/Lone Raver(live in Chelmsford mix)/Fat Controller(G7000 remix)/The Barn(303 kebab mix),(WARP,12")
HONDY;Hondy(no access),(MANIFESTO,12",promo)
FUSED:Spaced/Faded,(PLAYER ONE,12")
TRAVEL 'Pray tojerusalem';Incisions Mix/Christian West Mix,(QUAD COMMUNICATIONS,12",promo)

Monday, 5 July 2010


THE BEATLES:Please Please Me .LP.(Parlophone,stereo)
WINGS;Wings Over America, triple LP.(MPL. plus poster)
WINGS;Venus and Mars,LP.( 2 posters)
THE WHO;The Who By Numbers.LP.(POLYDOR, no65051)
THE WHO;Tommy.double LP.(POLYDOR inserts with lyrics)
ROCKIN DOPSIE;Saturday Night Zydeco,LP.(SONET)
POP WILL EAT ITSELF;This Is the Day,,This Is the Hour,,This Is This!.LP(RCA)
TRACEY ULLMAN;You Broke My Heart In 17 Places.LP(STIFF)
T-REX;Ride a white swan.LP(MFP)
BeeBbdBBeen sorting through my records , thought I would have more to sell but the truth is I dont want to part with a lot of them.Here are some 12inch singles/ep that I can bear to sell.

THE FALL; Creep/Pat Trip Dispenser (Beggars Banquet,12". Green vinyl .)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN; April Skies(long version)/Kill Surf City/Who Do You Love (Blanco Y Negro,12".)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;ROLLERCOASTER EP;Rollercoaster/Silverblade/Lowlife/Tower Of Song (Blanco Y Negro ,12".)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;Sidewalking(extended version)./Sidewalking(7"mix.)/Taste Of Cindy*/April Skies*.(*=live in Detroit.)(Blanco Y Negro,12".)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;Reverence/Heat/Reverence Radio Mix/Guitarman.(Blanco Y Negro 12".)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;Blues from a gun/Shimmer/Penetration/Subway.(Blanco Y Negro 12".)
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN;Happy When It Rains(long version,)(Blanco Y Negro,12")
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN-SOUND OF SPEED EP;Snakedriver*/Something I Cant Have/Write Record Release Blues/Little Red Rooster (10" numbered 0073) (Blanco Y Negro)*taken from "the CROW" film-great track.
VIRGIN PRUNES-A NEW FORM OF BEAUTY 2;Come To Daddy/Sweet Home Under White Clouds/Sad World;(Rough Trade 10")
BOOMTOWN RATS;Lookin After No1/Born To Burn/Barefootin(Ensign,12", 1977)

Well theres 10 for now will list another 10 t0mmorow,time for a tea then bed.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Archive of A Jewish family, Europe 1930s.

A few yrs ago at a boot sale I seen 2 boxes of old photographs and documents it was raining they were getting wet so I bought them. They are from the 1900s till after WW2 and come from Poland,Germany and Austria and belonged to a well off Jewish family , I had to lay them out and dry them iy took me months . I plan to get them out soon get them translated and see if I can trace any of their family . Some of the postcards contain valuable stamps well £50-100 price range. They are some nice albums of mountaneering holidays in Italy and Switzerland in the 20s 30s . I will have to do a blog to just deal with this and would not mind a bit of help some one with a knowledge of German Polish And Czech language would be good,. One thing though Im not letting them out of my sight at the moment .

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Stroller fund off to a good start

I have already sold £20 worth of records to a friend ,he will be paying me on wedensday, yes he is reliable and can be trusted . I gave him a good deal , he took all the drum and bass records, I think they were worth about a £100 but he does dog sit for me now and again for free . This weekend I will list all the other records Im going to sell ,and either this sunday or next I am planing to do some fly pitching at Brick Lane and am hoping that will net me £50+.So it looks like everythings off to a good start and with a bit of luck I will be half way there by the end of next week .Pennie and myself would also like to thank everyone who has shown interest in our little scheme and I know shes looking forward to being pushed around in the not too distant future. Will have to call it a night because shes hungry and Im cooking her sausages and dont want to burn them . bye

Friday, 2 July 2010

Pennies pushchair

I think its time I got a pushchair/stroller for Pennie as she is 15yrs old and has difficulty getting about ,for this I need to raise £150 -200. I plan to do this by selling things I have collected in the last couple of years. I am planning to try and do a bootsale asap.Pennie has spent most of her life at my side and does not like being left alone and I know she deserves to enjoy her old age in comfort. So pictured above is the stroller I am hoping to buy for her . Thanks for reading this .

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Lamb Burgers

Tonight Ill have a change from the usual microwave meals and cook some burgers for myself and Pennie . What I used
300g lean lamb mince
80g mushrooms (blended)
1 medium onion (blended)
1 thick slice of bread (cooked in oven ,then made into breadcrumbs)
a touch of worcester sauce
Mix all ingredients together .shape into burgers , cook in oven until ready .
*cigerette ash optional.

Serve with Birds Eye Potato Waffles , cheese. tomatoes and anything else you can find.

Well thats the end of the cooking lesson .I better go before I burn my dinner. bye