Pennie in her bed

Pennie in her bed
Is my dinner ready yet


Pennie - my 15 year old dog

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

UPDATE/Pennies visit to the Blue Cross.

Earlier today I gave Pennie a bath ,no easy task then set off for her check-up at the Blue Cross.The vet only confirmed what I already knew -shes living on borrowed time.Pennie was given a thorough examination ,vet said she appeared well cared for and happy enough.I was given some dog shampoo so I can wash her as often as I can ,every otherday should do.With her coat being white laying on the kitchen floor and sometimes on her food discolours it,giving her a neglected look.
I was also prescribed a course of antibiotics for her mouth infection along with painkillers and something to help control her bladder.Shes not eating dog food so I have to buy her fresh meat every day or chicken breasts.She will eat sardines,pilchards in brine or oil plus the odd tin of tuna.Getting her to eat the pills is the problem she pushes them to the side of the dish.I just have to make sure she is hungry when its time for her pills and also that its something she enjoys.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Vendazero + Pennie raising funds for the Blue Cross

Raising funds for the BLUE CROSS.

AS youve probably heard Im trying to raise funds for the Blue Cross with Just Giving ,Ive been having set up problems but hope I can have everything up and running by saturday night.I hope then to make a donation myself which I hope will be the 1st of many,thanks for reading -Ian.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Having right problems linking this to twitter again.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

VENDAZERO-tales of woe: A short update.

VENDAZERO-tales of woe: A short update.

A short update.

I wonder should I change the name of this blog because I stopped living in a world of misfortune a long time ago,but for now I will keep the woe for when I talk of things from my past. Im not in good health but consider myself very fortunate I never have any money but thats nothing new and I find the concept of money a bit abstract.I make it spend it or give it away usually on good food dvds or stuff I collect from charity shops.Some of you may think he shouldnt sell Big Issues he is not that hard up,well in comparrison with some sellers my takings are pathetic.Sometimes I get grief about my sales tecnique or lack of one,truth is I dont wish to force someone into buying by shoving my mags in their face or giving them a sob story.If someone buys from me I like to think it is because they want to,have made the descision themselves and have not been pressured by me.I could sell and make more if I lied about my circumstanses but wont,I want to give people the respect that I would like them to give me.
          I think Im lucky ,I live in a great country which is multicultural and thats how it should be,I dont see races religions or creeds all I see is people and no matter what our colour is we are all one and the same.I wish everyone held this view but sadly there are a few racists about,maybe in time they will become extinct making the world a better place.
         There was a time when I had no hope no future but selling Big Issues in Balham and meeting people from Twitter has changed all that, its not all about money I meet a lot of poor people who just stop to say hello and that can be better than getting £2 for a magazine,though I still like the £2.Over the next month or so I intend to write on the progress Im making fixing my flat up and the things I find to recycle,Ive got a nice little camra so will post lots of pics.If you read this and future posts I thank you for your interest.I will also write about things from my past that Im not to proud of and hope you realise Im not that person anymore.In 2004 I vowed to change my ways,I believe Ive been good since that April night- got to go Pennie is crying again.Talk to you all soon and may God bless you(whichever god you believe in)theyre all good. BYE-IAN.