Pennie in her bed

Pennie in her bed
Is my dinner ready yet


Pennie - my 15 year old dog

Friday, 28 May 2010

22.52.I am hoping to go to Brick Lane this sunday to do a bit of fly-pitching . Most of my life Ive been my own boss believe it or not before I had a run of bad luck I used to have a stall at Brick Lane on sundays another one at The Stables-Camden sat+sun and used to employ 3-5 homeless people to help me every weekend .I didnt take the piss or exploit them I used to give them £25 to help me between 7-2.Were talking the 90s here . I used to work non stop doing auctions ,boot sales checking skips buying stuff from squats ,.I used to sell bricabrac and collectibles but my passion was ephemera advertising collectables and comics.In the old days at Brick Lane most of us stall holders used to help each other. example-a stallholder gets a comic collection cheap he could sell it make a nice profit its not his thing so he sells it to me cheap . I then owe him one so when I have something he wants even though I can more than double my money ,it goes to him at cost .I used to love working there , then the developers move in and a lot of us were pushed out, killing the character of the area. I stopped going because the council were harassing us too much .Anyway I hear theyve eased off a bit so I think Ill try my luck .


12.21.Just woke up and Im having problems breathing , I was going to write about a gang of rouge Big Issue sellers in Balham , but think I need to rest for a while .Was meant to see my keyworker ,dont feel up to it have sent her a message to ring me.Will write about rouge venders later after I have been to Balham ,.I want a ciggarette - but really shouldnt have one -torture.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

23.29. Just got in , made cash for 20 mags tomorrow ,fed the stray cat that sits on my window everynight fed the dog , I am tired and my feet are killing me (ingrown toenails,the nails on my big toes are shaped like the letter C and the two ends are slowly growing towards each other have to see a chiropodist hope he/she pulls them out . I dont drink or take drugs - that would be the smart option . With my breathing problems I smoke cigarrettes like a stupid c**t that I am .Ive tried for years to give them up , they have got to be the most addictive habit known to the human race . Ive tried patches ,gum (not suprised about that failing - I f-ing detest gum) well later today I am going to try a nicorette inhalator . If the lord had intended us to smoke he would have put a chimney on our heads- thats what Granma Walton used to say , but I wont pay any attention to her I reckon she was a closet crackhead . Got to open a bank account you cant imagine how hard that is to do when you have been living off the grid for over 25yrs I'll try Barclys I hear they are not to fussy . Well then of to cough my lungs out ,then have my dinner ,.Maybe even watch the INSIDER staring Russel Crowe to help take my mind of the ciggarrettes - sorry about the spelling I did not finish school a lifetime ago .

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19.22pm Missed the Big Issue office today , spent my mag money on dvds from the charity shop in West Norewood got a good bargin though,3 box sets and 6dvds plus 5videos for £8.50.I still have 5 Issues left from yesterday so I think I will head to Balham to sell them , my dog wants to go for a walk aswell. Badly need some glasses have got an appointment with optitian on tue . Tommorrow I see my St Mungoes keyworker about getting my own flat , should have that sorted by the end of the year .PENNIE (my dog) is pacing up and down think its time for her to go out , with a bit of luck I will make enough to get 15-20 mags tommorow £17 for 20 back later....

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

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10,22pm Just got home its took me 6 hours to sell 10 Big Issues, fcin shit my dogs just been sick right next to my feet after drinking half a pint of milk and water I wish she would do it in the yard the doors open . Good job I asked St Mungoes not to fit a new carpet till I leave , which should be in a few months .
Anyway for my 6 hours work I ended up with £29 after fares and cost of the magazines thats about £18.50 profit = £3.08 per hour . I spend a lot of my time looking round charity shops for bargins - books,videos,dvds,records,cds and after two years of collecting find I now have a room full of junk . Think I will have to do a few boot sales before I move . I might even make enough to partly furnish my new home,. The kettles boiling and I have dog puke to clean up - put my meal back for an hour or two now ,later..


Im a Big Issue vender based in Balham, Im 50yrs old but feel like 90 especially when Ive just woke up .Need at least three cups of tea before im ready to leave my room.My dog is nearly 15 she's a bit slow now usually I take her everywhere with me she does not like to be on her own .Its hard work just getting to my pitch in Balham ,I have to carry abean bag for the dog a stool for me ,water ,magazines,and all my shopping from sainsburys on my way back. Now this may sound easy and it is if you are healthy but I suffer with COPD which can be very stressful ,until a couple of years ago I had always been fit and healthy and now find it hard to accept that my breathing problems place limits on my daily life . Well I must finish my tea and toast and get to work .