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Pennie in her bed
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I exorsise my right to rant about homeless orgs/outreach workers.

 Does being homeless give a person licsence to behave bably by lying stealing and generaly disrupting the life another ex-homeless person is trying to rebuild ?
 Acording to the apologists, the fact that homeless people have suffered hardship , drug addiction,alcholism,prison and more
should be taken into account.
 Most of the apologists Ive encountered work for homeless orgs
and have never had their lives disrupted by the people they represent.Obviously living in middle class utopia does have some advantages.You know what Im really genuinly happy for them,Im so fucking happy for them Ive a mind to sing and dance in the street gloryfying their peaceful existence.Im so happy that theyve not suffered alcholism,drug addiction sexual assaul like rape opression from the police and other authorities,bullying,beatings,bigotry,intimidation,incarceration,ill health,having their teeth kicked out and generaly just getting
plain old fashioned fucked up the ass everyday of their life on the streets.MY POINT BEING -if they had no practical experience of these things,and live in areas where these problems dont exist
what positive thing can they bring to the people they are trying so hard to help(for a large salary),people who hold them in contempt. PT 1.

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Hear Hear - encore please x Ali